Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Pipettes - Pull Shapes

Released: 2006
Download it (4.9 Mb)

Allegedly this band started as a group of girlfriends of some shitty UK indie bands, who no one ever heard of or cared about. The girls got bored with the guys spending every weekend alone because their boyfriends were playing the Pudsey Arms or some shit.

Allegedly the dialogue went something like this:
Girls: Oh you think you're so great, we can form a band too
Boys: Whatever, get us a beer
Girls: You just wait, we're going to get a group together and it's going to be way more betterer than your shitty groups
Boys: I'm hearing talking but I don't have a FUCKEN BEER.

6 months later The Pipettes were unleashed on the unsuspecting public. Allegedly.

Well, I'm not sure who has won in the argument, and the girls can't really sing, and they certainly can't dance. But they can write a reasonable hook.



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